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(THE WHOLE WORLD IS A VILLAGE) After having crossed the sonorous landscapes of an enlarged Mediterranean in Medinsud and Malmediterraneo, working side by side with artists from all over the world, with this project, we further expand our vision and look to the North for sources of inspiration.

Contrary to our previous work, this program is primarily orientated in the reprocessing of traditional pieces of music inherent to the countries we visit. We are interested in the possible ways of communication between different cultures: from the affinity of forms, to the resemblance of certain musical instruments and the way in which they are played, the very way in which we wish for them to be played, to the hope of joining in harmony and not in conflict in every means of expression, even in politics and daily life.

Some Celtic and Irish dances share points in common with the saltarelli and tarantelle of Central and Southern Italy. Certain Swedish folk songs have a vocal range that can be assimilated by our folk songs. The Portuguese guitar, used in the fado as accompaniment to the singing voice, has its own history and use in a different genre and time period in England. In addition to the northern stops, our trip will again touch countries of the Mediterranean, but will also cross the Atlantic and reach Latin America, Cuba, Brazil and Cape Verde. We will explore other songs from other countries, playing with the language of the lyrics, as in Cesaria Evora's well known Sodade where, to the text in the original Cape Verde language, we added a part in Neapolitan, a language that is very appropriate for the theme of the song that speaks of love and distance from one's homeland. After all, there are always recurring themes, music and sounds, because in fact the whole world is a village.

This project debuted last August at the Teglio Teatro Festival Valtellina, and was included in B ? Bolognaestate ?09 Festival. One of the songs was broadcast on Radio Tre ? in the program File Urbani. Soon Tutto il mondo paese will become a Cd - it has temporarily been produced as a promotional product - where there will also be the participation of the Palestinian singer Faisal Taher.




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