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Sempre em frente

The collaboration between Guido and the italian journalist Marcello Sacco, who lives in Lisbon was the starting point of this project. Marcello Sacco developed the portuguese part of the lyrics. Sempre em frente means straight ahead, the song is dedicated to artists’ resistence in this difficult period. There is a neapolitan part of the lyrics: the song is in a land between different cultures, that is Guido’s style also in the work with Cantodiscanto. The song became a videoclip because of the important contribute of Maurizio Caduto, film director in Malesia from several years. While shooting a spot in which the music was written by Guido, he listened to the song and offered his contribute as director, writer of the story, and coordinator of a professional troupe. In october 2010 the video was shot in Kuala Lumpur. Guido in this circumstance is the producer too.

Lyrics: Marcello Sacco, Guido Sodo
Music: Guido Sodo

Guido Sodo: voice, classic guitar, programming
Paolo Caruso: congas, claves, maracas, guiro, cowbell, colours
Maurizio Piancastelli: trumpet
Andrea Taravell: ashbory bass

Choir: Elisa Cutrupi, Serafino D'Onofrio, Elena De Tullio, Frida Forlani,
Angela Malfitano, Miranda Manchisi, Ale Masina "Giggi", Francesca Mazza,
Gloria Moretti, Enzo Pezzella, Domenico Pipia, Matteo Soltanto, Faisal Taher,
Salvatore Tarallo

Mixed at the Groove Factory Studio of Bologna by Max Gardini

Written and directed by Maurizio Caduto
Produced by Infinity Pictures, Malaysia