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(OF SEAS AND SEA PORTS) This kind of proposal may appear unusual: to present in concert music that was conceived for the stage. The proposal regards Mimmo Borrelli's 'A sciaveca, a tragedy in verse, written in the flegrea language, directed by Davide Iodice and produced by the Mercadante Theater of Naples. The show debuted in July 2008 at the Spoleto Festival and was performed at the San Ferdinando Theater in Naples from November 17 to December 7, 2008.

But this unusual proposal was developed on ideas that emerged during the production of the show. First and foremost, the discovery of the autonomous nature of these musical arrangements (in some cases they are songs based on Mimmo Borrelli's texts); secondly, the peculiarity of the core instruments: the ancestral and tribal sound of the didjeridu , an unprecedented ensemble of percussion instruments combining the lunar and dreamy sound of the hang and udu with the rhythmical and earthly sound of the drum, the cymbals and the tammorra tambourine, as well as a set of string instruments that originate from various Mediterranean countries, among these the Calabrese lyre, the Arabian oud and the Portuguese guitar . In addition, to consent a group of only three musicians more elaborate arrangements, electronic effects were utilized loop, harmonizer, KPIII , etc. The work concerning the part that was extrapolated from the theatrical piece was based on adapting and harmonizing the music for a concert. The author Mimmo Borrelli participated in the adaptation of the lyrics and the director Davide Iodice gave suggestions with regard to stage movements and lighting design. The program includes songs that were conceived for the show but which were cut due to their complex directorial and dramaturgical needs, and other songs from the sea, selected for their elective affinity. Popular pieces like Il Guarracino, Procidana, le cialome siciliane were chosen: songs in an Anglo Sicilian Neapolitan tongue that work well with Mimmo Borrelli's refined research on dialects.